"The Thief Story" - Premiere

Welcome to the premiere of the latest performance of Male-Male Puppet Theater on June 14 (Sunday) from…6pm at South Park - Sofia.

When: 14th of June 2020; 6pm
Where: Sofia, South Park, entrance from "Vitosha" boulevard
Admission: Free

The play was realized with the financial support of the Culture Program of Sofia Municipality

Adaptation based on the fairytale of the Czech author Karel Čapek
Adaptation and director: Kole Kitanov
Set design: Ilina Stefanova
Actors: Georgi Georgiev, Krasi Kirchev, Mila Kitanova

"The Thief Tale" is a puppet show for children over 5 years old. This is an adaptation of the eponymous tale by the Czech author Karel Čapek.
Through a classic square puppet theater on a screen and puppets "parsley" we return to an old era and follow the story of a robber and the awkward situation in which he found himself.
Through classic puppets for the screen "parsley", a lot of humor and caricatures, we return to an old era and follow the story of a robber and an awkward situation in which the protagonist finds himself. He is polite, courteous and polite, but one of his promises entangles his life and creates many absurd and difficult obstacles. In this magic we are led by three storytellers - bandits, who from generation to generation pass on the legend of the bandit Vagabondo!